Some of the most beautiful and remote locations can now be accessible thru glamping. The idea of glamping is to set up a temporary camp that adapts to the natural enviroments. Using natural construction materials, proven traditional designs and up to date tecnologie for energy and water we make our enviromental footprint as soft as possible conserving the beauty and originality of the place.


Dispite the remotness, the camp counts with all the comfort  and luxury that only Fuduric logistic can provide.


Glamping Adventure UAE

In the middle of the mountain area of UAE in the region of Al Fujarah the first Glamping camp is functioning. On an area of 5000 qm a camp consisting of 15 tents with their own bathrooms were constructed in the old traditional arab design, using materials from that area like natural rocks and palm trees. A salt water treatment maschine produces enough water for the guests and the residues are carefully collected and reused for exampel for irrigation.

Ampel recreation areas with confortable shaded areas invite for relaxing after the exploration trips.