Public Security

MVB Mobile Vehicle Barriers


- Fast reaction time and area control

- Easy to set up, deploy and secure streets

- Stops any car at high velocity

- Works on gravel and tarmac underground

- Can be used as gate as well

- Good for securing public events against car or vehicle attacks

-Easy securing of streets and perimeteres against vehicles

- Effective and proven operation in action since many years


                   See in action


Metal Detectors and Walk-Through

World most prestigous Company "GARRETT"

-Model Super Scanner

-Model Super Scanner V

-Model Super Scaner Stab

-Model Garret THD

-Walk-through PD 6500i

-Walk-through MT 5500

*Fuduric is Garrett official distributer for Uganda           

Metal Walk-Through

World most prestigous Company "GARRETT"


-Walk-through PD 6500i

-Walk-through MT 5500

- Worldwide leading security company in metal detection 

- Provides superior target analysis, ferrous and non ferrous weapon detection, discrimination and higher throughput

- Multiple settings and programs for airports, courthouses, prisons, schools, facilities, special events, mass transit etc..

- Fulfills highest international security standards


Good for malls, shopping centers, supermarket, airport, banks, public buildings, private schools etc..

Police Uniform and Personal Protection

- Bullet Proof Shirts

- Full protection body equipment

- Armor plate carriers

- Uniforms, state of the art, light and functional

- Helmets

- Handcuffs and truncheon

- Security shoes and boots

- In house R&D to fit your needs

Crowd Control Barriers


- Fast to set up and easy to deploy

- Heavy duty structure

- Strong interlock system 

- Built to avoid personal injuries

- Perfect use for crowd managment

- Proven design and demostrated results


Blastproof Checkpoint Container


- Safe checking of crowds for access

- Fast operation with the highest safety for controling officers and security personel

- Blast and bullet resitant

- Costum up grades possible

- Easy to deploy and inmediatly ready for usage


Good for crowd control at public events, borders, concerts, sport events, etc.