Services and Construction   


FUDURIC is a premier provider for renovation, construction, event management and LSA (Life Support Area) worldwide. With performance record of 24 years including development projects with significant civil work in remote regions Fuduric has gained vast experience and an implacable reputation. In the last years our operations expanded to East Europe, United Arab Emirates and Africa where we opened local branch offices.


Teaming up local suppliers and international experts we assure the highest standards to fulfill the requirements of each project no matter how impossible and isolated it seems. 



Personnel on call, ready for immediate deployment:

Supervisory personnel, Operators, Mechanics, Repair personnel, Handlers, Sludge truck operators and drivers, Crafts personnel, Logistic management experts, Electricians, Plumbers, Mechanics, Task personnel, Laundry operators, Food handlers



Equipment on company stock, ready for immediate transportation:

• Portable toilets      • Saniary containers

• Handwash station  •Generators

• Slude/grey water removal

• Extraction vehicles • Floodlights

• Reefer trailers         • Garbage trucks    • Required vehicles    • Shower & Toilets  • Tents                     • Lifts

• Washing machines, dryers, ironing and pressing equipment.



Transport and Logistic 

Since the beginning of our operations managing the flow of goods and assistance was a substantial part of our service, We therefore also offer this service for "out of the normal" request or transfer of goods that have to be escorted.


Car Leasing 

Further we are abel to offer very attractive car leasing condition for short, middle and long terms.