Through our long term presence in different and very unique regions of the world and the work with our local business partners we fervor the idea of contributing to economic development in these regions. At the moment we have identified the following countries where we want to start operations: Cuba, Uruguay, and El Salvador with mainly two active fields:


                           - Glamping

                           - Boutique Hotels



Promote eco-friendly tourism activities thru Glamping

Glamping means camping in the pristine nature, private and peacefully without compromising on the services of a hotel like a comfortable bed, gourmet food and room’s service.


This is a rising trend in the holiday market worldwide and thru our experience from UAE we have seen its benefits. Glamping offers a special nature experience for all those romantics, city escapists, comfort seekers, easy riders and nature lovers with a sense for luxury in nature. 


Some of the positive side effects are:

- Protects the uniqueness of the area thru its ecological structures and mindset

- Creates local jobs and trade opportunities

- Helps to conservate old traditions, typical food and costumes that are particular to the region

- Rises and strengthens the conscious about the local nature

- Enhances the awareness and love for traditional, cultural and spiritual heritage

- Makes each site an exclusive, rear and an original experience for the client

- Consumers are willing to pay more for this added value adventure.


Boutique Hotels


Five Stars Boutique Hotels


Fuduric is investing in small hotels in unique locations and special places for a superb luxury experience. In El Salvador the design-build process for a 10 room Boutique Hotel at " El Zonte Beach" started and will be open in end 2020.