Mobile Security

Blast and Bullletproof Windows


We upgrade alls sorts of windows at buldings, malls, offices, banks, showcases and vehicles to increase the safety against:

- theft 

- damage

Upgrade your vehicle with full blast and bullet resistant windows. 

Also available blast proof paint to increase the protection of vehicles, buildings, shelters.


Mobile Watch Towers 


Fast deployable watch towers:

- to secure: public events, minery camps, airfields, borders, etc.

- Diffrent models


All degrees of protection up to bullet and blast resistant.

Off Grid Box, energy out of solar power: Anywhere !


-Equiped with modern inverters for high load capacity

-High efficiency solar panels, foldable for transport 

-Base unit 5000 kVA output

-Parallel 3-phase operation capability with up to 30.000 kVA

-High temperature interval -40 to +85 C°

                                                                        -Simple transport and instalation

Costum made applications like:

-Cold Room, integreated cooler or freezer room

-Medical Room, air conditioned ambulance room

-Living room, air conditoned office or living room

-Pure Energy Unit, up to 30.000 kVA power supply

Multiperpouse Security Container


- Blast and bullet resistant

- Standart masures for easy transport

- Diffrent usage:

  * Medical Facility

  * Mobile Office

  * Secure armory storage

  * Self contained shelter

  * Hardware storage,

  * Electricity equipment

Safety House Container


- Blast and bullet resistant

- Protection against hostile actions or perceived danger

- Safe hidding place for inminent threats

- Safekeeping of valuables, money and assets

- Different sizes according to your needs

- Easy to deploy and inmediatly ready for usage

- Unconspicuos instatlation in private residences

-Costum equipment with air condition, batteries etc.


SECUSCAN Under Vehicle Scanner


- Safety inspection for vehicles to access to premises

- Mobile and fixed system options

- Highend image resolution and zooming capability

- Fastest vehicle clearance for moving traffic

- Ability to compare and identify alterations to a vehicles

- Support software easy to operate

- Recording of all data and plate numbers


Especially usefull for protection of govermental buildings, airports, military institutions, embassies, powerplants, prisons, malls, parking areas, etc.