Homeland Security

Special Gates and Fences


Fuduric works together with some of the mayor German brands for phisical protection items.

Many diffrent serial and costum made solutions are suitable for:  Airports, Embassies, Factories, Bussiness, Private residences, Schools etc...

Tire Killers


Pop up barrier system to protect:

- Resorts and Hotels

- Airports

- Embassies, public buldings 

- Private residences, Schools etc...

Window Upgrade


Increase protection on existing windows by adding layers of high end films:

- Protection against vandalism 

- Protection against burglary and theft

- Blast resistant

- Bullet resistant


Suitable: Malls, Offices, Banks, Galleries, Gov. Buildings, Embassies, Airport, Vehicles, etc


Fixed and removable bollards to secure areas, entrances against intruders.  

- High standing capacity against vehicles

- Fast reaction to secure Entrances

- Fixed portection for pedestrian areas

- diffrent models and sizes available


SuitableAirports, Embassies, Factoires, Bussiness, Private residences, Schools

High Speed Gates


Automatic resident gate, that allows fast access to premises by car:

- Protection against undesired intruders

- Reduction of access circle and opening time.


Suitable:Private residencies, businesses, storages